Frequently Asked Questions

How is Talisman so much better than Bullhorn, Vincere or any other CRM?

Every CRM out there has it’s strengths.  In terms of technology, we think the things that knock the spots off our competition are:

1. Our Chrome extension and email marketing platform – allowing you to add contacts and send a fully merged template email in less that 30 seconds. 

2. Our integrated visual analytics and targeting – meaning you can see and make sure there is action on all of your business vital signs from once place. 

3. Our integrated Pay and Bill – giving contract agencies a big advantage. Unlike some CRM’s who say they do this, ours includes full UK PAYE tax calculations – and is in use on agencies with 10,000 plus contractors per week. 

There is so much more. See for yourself, book a demo here.

Can I book in a demo?

Sure … just click here then request a demo.

I want to sign up, how does it work?

Simple … sign up on the Get Started page and our team will be in touch to walk you through the next steps to get you up and running on your Talisman CRM!

Can I integrate 3rd party software?

Yes you can. We partner with the best on 3rd party integrations in every area you’re going to want. To discuss your desired 3rd Party Integrations, get in touch.

I’ve not heard of Talisman, why not?

For decades, Talisman has worked exclusively with some of the UK’s most successful enterprise recruitment agencies.

It’s always been Talisman’s goal to make our software accessible to all – and in 2020 we launched our public platform to agencies of any size.

Changing systems seems like aggro, can Talisman make it easy for me?

Yes. We know as a recruitment agency owner, you don’t want the hassle – so we do all the heavy lifting. We migrate systems all the time – from 1 user all the way up to 100’s. One of our sales team would be happy to discuss our customer migration process. Get in touch.

Is Talisman Cloud based? Can I access it anywhere?

Yes & Yes – Talisman is entirely cloud based, so you can access anywhere you can get on the internet. Recruitment without restrictions! Get started here.

Will Talisman work on my mobile phone or tablet?

Short answer … Yes.

Longer answer … Talisman is built on cutting edge web technology (React.js – the same as Facebook) – and works across all platforms. We are very careful to build the right parts to work on the right device.

For example, Timeline (our awesome online timesheet system) is built primarily for use on mobile (as we know that’s where the users are). Our Pay and Bill system is only used in the office so it’s built for the desktop.

So the answer is the right parts will work on the right device.

Is my data secure?

Your system is created independent of all other Talisman users on a secure database. In addition, you can set permission levels & IP restrictions for your users so you can be confident that they only have access to the data you want them to have.

Are there features that are not included on the FREE CRM version?

No! They are all included … and it’s still Free forever! We give you all of the tools that you need to perform your job and grow your agency. You can do all the things on a Free CRM that you can do on the other packages. We also offer additional features and services as you want to upgrade & develop your business. Every option has been priced to be the best value on the market. Check out our pricing here.

Is there a limit to the number of users in the FREE CRM option?

No. Get started here

Can I add more users as the business scales up?

Yes, absolutely. Talisman also offers tailored systems and support packages for different stages of growth. You can see the details of these on our pricing page.

Can I take away users as the business scales down?

Yes! Whereas some recruitment tech providers make it easy to “scale up” users, but very difficult to “scale down”, Talisman is the opposite. We want to support you through the good times – but also the harder times. Running an agency is a marathon not a sprint – and we’ll be here every step of the way.

Can I add more tools as the business scales up?

Yes! We’ve built the platform to ensure your business has every piece of technology it needs to scale. When adding another Talisman app makes sense – just bolt it on. If timesheets are becoming a drain, add Timeline (our online timesheet portal). Or if you want visual analytics of team performance, go for Dashman. Check out our apps on our pricing page.

Will it cost me anything to get set up?

No – not for our Free CRM. We do this as an investment in you. We believe that as you build your business we’ll have ample opportunity to make the relationship win-win. There are setup fees for other modules – but all very reasonable.

Our goal as a business is to share in the success of our clients. Our pricing is designed around that principle.

How long does it take to set up once I’ve signed up?

After you have signed up, we’ll arrange on-boarding with you. We’ll have to get from you the info we need to create your system. Then we’ll give you access to our online training platform. After that – you are good to go. The turnaround from our end will be 1 day.

Can I migrate my data from my old CRM platform?

Absolutely. We’re experts at migrating data accurately and quickly. Just send the data over.

How much does it cost to migrate my old CRM data?

That’s your choice. We have a few different options, from importing basic Excel and CSV files which is entirely free, to a full and comprehensive data migration. Each one is slightly different so it would be best to discuss your requirements with our team. Get in touch here.

Is there 24 hour support available?

Yes. We’ve been around recruitment a long time and know what it means to you and your business if your tech isn’t working. So we pull out all the stops to make things right.

Is Talisman GDPR Compliant?

Yes, we have gone to special lengths to support even the most detailed GDPR policies. If you have any questions, get in touch.

What’s the minimum contract length?

You have no contractual obligations for our Free CRM platform, only a set of user terms and conditions protecting the use of our software and your data. (Psst … During your call with our sales team … ask about longer contracts … they might be able to do something special to the pricing for you … but you didn’t read that here!)

What notice do I have to provide if I want to leave?

We’ll support through the good times and the bad. So there shouldn’t be a reason to want to leave Talisman but if you have to, we will support you. Our notice period is usually a month.

Can it integrate with our website?

Yes you can! We even offer complete websites or specific parts of websites for recruitment companies. Contact our sales team to find out more.

Will the Middle & Back Office Apps only work with a Talisman CRM?

No, if you choose to buy one or more of our middle and back office modules, we can implement them so that you don’t have to change to Talisman’s CRM. However, given the CRM is top-class and we have excellent pricing – you’ll probably want to.

Can I buy one part of the system now, say the CRM, and another part later, like Pay & Bill?

Absolutely! We encourage you to buy the parts your business needs today and to think about the parts your system may need tomorrow. See all of our modules in our pricing page.

Why do I have to request a price for Pay & Bill or Timeline (online timesheets)?

A number of different factors influence the pricing on these software modules and in order to ensure that you are getting the best value for money, we discuss these factors first and provide you with a quote. Contact the sales team to discuss your Pay & Bill or Timeline quote.

Is Talisman for Temporary, Contract, Permanent or Exec Search recruitment?

Whether your agency has a complex Temp and Contract process, or a simple Permanent or Exec search process, Talisman will drive growth and efficiency. See for yourself on a demo you can book one from this page.

Is Talisman suitable for companies offering an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service?

Great Question! With our CRM, Timeline (Timesheet Portal), Pay & Bill and our Vendor Management System, you will have every bit of tech you need to offer a successful RPO service. See the pricing page for a full list of modules.

Can I use Talisman Internationally?


Does Talisman manage invoicing and timesheets?

With a full suite of Front, Middle and Back Office, Talisman can do these and so much more. No more need for double entry, no need for multiple licenses for different and expensive software. Talisman makes placements, timesheets, payroll, invoicing and accounts simple. See for yourself on a demo – book one on this page.

How much training is required to start working on Talisman?

It’s so easy to learn that you could get started with no training at all! But we give you training videos, user guides, training seminars and onsite training as options so you can be confident you are getting the most out of your Talisman System. Your demo will show you how easy to use Talisman is. Book one on this page.

Will I have access to material to help me train my team?

Yes. Our team will give you access to training videos, user guides, training seminars and onsite training as options so you can be confident you and your team are getting the most out of your Talisman System.

Why can’t I see the software online?

Sit tight and watch this space. We will have some videos on the website for you very soon! In the meantime, book a demo from this page, and we’ll take you through it.

What software does Talisman provide?

Talisman Tech software powers ambitious and enterprise recruitment agencies. There are a number of modules including:

  • a cutting-edge CRM
  • Timeline – for online timesheets
  • an enterprise level Pay and Bill with full UK tax deductions built in.
  • Credit Control – all the tools needed to get paid
  • a Vendor Management System to power RPO’s
  • Public Website – to power your own recruitment agency website.

We also have many third party integrations such as: Chatbots, cutting edge AI, Job boards, telecoms and much more. Find out more on our pricing page here.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

OMG – more?! These took us ages. However, feel free to chat us (there is an icon on the bottom right of the screen) or contact us here.